I have enemies.

by | Jan 18, 2022 | Forgiveness | 0 comments

I have enemies~ Some people don’t like me! I have hurt people. Some people don’t like me because I hurt their friend. Some people don’t even know why they don’t like me…
I don’t like having enemies. I wish I never hurt people.  “He is an asshole” came out of my mouth the other day…I wish I didn’t say that.

Heribert Jone wrote the words to this effect-

“Never say anything about someone that can ruin their good reputation”

…When I heard that I asked…what if they actually did do something horrible?  Nope, even if they do something horrible we should never say things about one another could ruin our good reputation!

Yikes!  Humbly I want to try this. I invite anyone of you to call me on it from this day forward if you hear me saying something about someone that could ruin their good reputation.

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