“Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing.”

– Theodore Roosevelt

“Silence is very dangerous, especially when your words can be the only source of healing at a moment.”

My Story of trauma survival.




 My story is your story. My story is your daughters story. My story needs to be heard.

I am a MST survivor who also suffered workplace bullying and harassment. I developed PTSD, Depression, Agoraphobia and fears.

I hope that my story helps and inspires others to live a full life knowing that there is always hope.  My trauma took place in the Canadian Armed Forces several years ago.  I kept my trauma a secret and tried to cope alone.  I thought I was strong enough.  I spiraled down almost immediately.  By the time I was released, I had developed agoraphobia, depression, anxiety and CPTSD.  I was unable to leave my house.  I was unable to work.  I am currently at war with CAF to ensure I am receiving those benefits I am entitled to.

“Our government is committed to supporting Canada’s veterans and their families and ensuring they are aware of all the benefits they are entitled to,” said John Embury, the minister’s director of communications. “

I want to inspire and encourage others. Let me know if you want me to present at your event. 



One day I was driving over the Port Mann Bridge in Vancouver and had a panic attack.  It was terrifying.  The next time I approached the bridge I hoped and prayed I wouldn’t have another panic attack.

 You can read more about my Bridge phobia on my first blog post



My story is sincere,intense and authentic.

Impactful and Resilient

Paula DeWit Music Group Foundation

Please Come back for more information on another one of my Dreams!

Please come back for more information as we set up this amazing foundation in support of musicians.  One of my desires is to establish a florishing foundation brimming to the top with funds in support of the many amazing musicians I collaborate with.  If you want to be part of this dream, contact me.

The PDMG Ltd is responsible for many music projects in the Fraser Valley and the Lower Mainland/Greater Vancouver area.

The PDMG Ltd has produced many fine shows and is the main financial sponsor for Belle Voci and the Chilliwack Children's & Youth Choir


Dream with Ambition, Lead with conviction,- Kamala Harris